5 Reasons Why Books Are Responsible For Children’s Growth

Written by John Willson

Providing children with the proper development is crucial for their growth. After all, this will be a direct factor in deciding how their personality will develop. Proper development ensures that children become responsible adults who can make it out in the world. For this, getting the appropriate education and learning is essential. Going to school certainly helps, but it may not always be enough. Other experiences and activities are needed to help children in their development process. 

One such activity is reading books. 

Reading is a beautiful way of fueling children's development. It can help them cultivate essential skills that can help them greatly in the future. But how exactly are books and reading responsible for a child's growth? We will discuss exactly that in this article. Without further delay, let's dive in. 

1. Improves vocabulary and English

Books tend to have a wide variety of vocabulary used that your children will likely be unfamiliar with. Reading opens up your child to a wide variety of works that can help improve English vocabulary. When they see these words being incorporated into sentences, they can better understand how to use them. Eventually, they can include these words into their vocabulary and speech. Later on, they can move on to learning harder English words as they go through various reading levels. 

2. Improves brain power

Reading presents many new words to children, which can be challenging for them. As they read and begin to comprehend these words, their brain slowly begins to adjust and expand to the challenge. In a sense, their brain is getting exercise which helps improve its brainpower. Enhanced vocabulary use from reading also improves language skills, which can be an essential skill later on. Typically, academics require language skills, especially at the higher stages. Reading can help enhance brain development which can be effective for academics. 

3. Helps build character

Books tend to present children with stories about different situations and people. Such situations could be those that they may likely face in their life later on. Reading these stories can help develop valuable social and emotional skills that can help build their character and personality. For example, consider a book about a protagonist put into difficult situations. The protagonist is put into a position where he has to steal but doesn't, regardless of his circumstances. This can teach a child that they should always uphold good morals no matter how difficult the circumstances are. It can be invaluable for helping them develop a good character. 

4. Provides assurance

Growing up can be a distressing experience for children. After all, the world is an unfamiliar place, and it is only natural that it will make them anxious. They will undoubtedly be met with difficult situations and may not know how to react to them. By reading books, they can find relatable characters and situations that can help them feel assured and understood. It can help them feel less anxious about their conditions, fuelling acceptance for unfamiliar situations. This can be an invaluable development for children once they grow up and face real-life situations. 

5. Improves imagination

Like stories and novels, books typically do not contain pictures, and everything described is done primarily through words. This means that anyone reading is required to visually imagine the descriptions within their minds. This can be an excellent exercise for the mind that helps foster visual imagery and comprehension. Imagination may seem like a useless skill to some people, but most of the world's greatest inventions were based on creativity and visualization. Therefore, books can help develop children's imagination which can help them later in life. 

Wrapping up

Children's development is an essential process that dictates how their personalities and character will evolve. There are various ways to do so, and one such way is through reading books. Reading books can help children's growth in a variety of ways. It helps improve their English vocabulary, their brainpower and their imagination. It also helps them build character by presenting them with various new situations. It can also provide them with assurance by showing them relatable stories and characters to help them feel understood.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article has been insightful and recommend you encourage your children to read books.

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