About Us

Canada Personalized Gifts is a family-operated online business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We began marketing the Create-A-Book brand of personalized books in 1996. Over the years, we introduced other brands of Personalized Books, and diversified our personalized products to include Personalized Music, Sing-Your-Name Birthday Cards and Alarm Clocks, and Name Poems.

We pride ourselves in processing our orders with a quick turnaround time. We typically get them in the mail no later than 48 hours after we receive them. We offer personalized service too - We always contact our customers to confirm/clarify any unclear information that they may have entered in their order before we process it (because we want to be certain that every customer is a satisfied one when it's all over and done with).  We even make recommendations to help them choose the perfect personalized product for their special little person ... Our years of experience have made us very sensitive to which products are trending for a particular age group or gender, at any given point in time.