What is a personalized book?

In our wonderful stories, your child is the main character in his or her own adventure. Each book has your child’s name, age, hometown and one to three friends. In addition, a special dedication from you is included. Children are delighted to read their own story and will want to read it again and again.

What information is needed to personalize a book?

When you add a book to the shopping cart, our website will prompt you for all the necessary information. For most books, we'll need to know the child's gender, first and last names, hometown, and the names of 1 to 3 friends. There are some titles that require more information (such as, the birthdate for the birthday books). You may also give us optional information such as age, middle name and the name the child is called (such as a nickname). If we have questions, we'll contact you to confirm your order prior to production.

You provided us with the child's Name, Age, Hometown and Friends' Name(s) and we incorporate this information into the book using our book software:

Is each book hardcover?

Yes. Our books are quality hardcover books, with a film laminated surface, making it easy to wipe them clean.

Can I order ONE personalized book for my TWO nephews?

No. Except for the Twin baby book, all our personalized books are designed for ONE star.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Yes. 5% GST is added to the product price. 

How much does shipping cost?

Read shipping for details about shipping time, delivery, and costs.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is outlined here



Do you only sell music on CDs?

No. We offer both CD and MP3 music albums and singles.

Can I get music in Italian?

No. Currently, we offer music albums and singles in only English, French and Spanish.

I searched for my child's name and did not find it in the names list?

When searching for a name in the names list, remember that some names can be spelled multiple ways and still have the same phonetic pronunciation. So, if the name you are looking for does not appear on our list, check for the alternate spellings. For example, the name, Caitlin, can also be spelled, as follows: Kaitlin or Katelyn. If you have tried all the alternate spellings and still did not find your child's name, please send us an email at info@canadapersonalizedgifts.ca as we may be able to request a 'custom name' CD for you ... it will take a few days longer for it to be shipped to you and also will cost you an additional $5.

My child's name is not pronounced correctly in the sample clip that I listened to.

Try alternate spellings of your child's name (see the example above) and listen to the clip again to see if the pronunciation is correct. If all else fails, please send us an email at  info@canadapersonalizedgifts.ca and we will see if we can assist you.

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