How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Vacation Your Entire Family Will Love

Written by Jenna Sherman

The best part about vacationing with your family is making all of those wonderful memories. The worst part about planning a family vacation, however, can be figuring out how to keep it fun without your finances taking a hit. To save you the headache, Canada Personalized Gifts shares a few creative ways you can keep your family vacation costs reasonable.

Plan Some Family- and Budget-Friendly Entertainment

When traveling with little ones, keeping them entertained on the road and in hotel rooms can save everyone a lot of stress. One simple and inexpensive entertainment option is a tablet. These can be a great option for kids when it comes to videos, educational apps and even e-books. Be sure to invest in a durable case if you get a tablet, and go ahead and buy an extra charger to ensure your kiddos stay powered up.

Of course, if you prefer to keep travels tech-free, you can also use these tips to keep your kids entertained during trips. If you want to encourage reading, buy your kiddos a handful of books they can enjoy over and over, like personalized books with their favorite character or superhero.

Try to Pack Light

This can be easier said than done when you have little kids in tow, but look for ways to minimize what you pack. For little ones that need a pack-n-play, reach out to see if your hotel or vacation rental will provide one. Try to take a single stroller, preferably a light umbrella stroller, and limit the number of toys. When it comes to suitcases, older kids should be able to easily use a roller suitcase, but make sure whatever you get fits their height.

Save Money and Stress with an All-Inclusive Family Vacation

Family resorts that offer inclusive, affordable fun for kids and adults of all ages can be found stateside and abroad, and they can be a low-stress way to keep your vacation costs down. Although the cost of these resorts may seem a bit high compared to other hotels, it’s important to keep in mind that those prices also include meals, beverages, activities, and entertainment for the duration of your trip. So, instead of factoring those individual costs into your travel budget, you can simply pay one price. Some packages may include airfare, but if not you can use travel apps to find the best prices on plane tickets to get you to your final destination.

Flight tracking apps like Skyscanner make finding and tracking low-cost airfare super simple, while apps like Skiplagged may take some additional visits to help you save money on family travels. Another easy and all-inclusive option for your family vacation is to plan a budget-friendly cruise, the price of which usually covers all of your family’s vacation needs.

Plan Family Trips Outside of Popular Vacation Seasons

Many families miss out on affordable vacation fun because they try to plan their trips for the busiest vacation seasons. If you are trying to save money on your family travel, consider booking your trips during less-busy periods throughout the year. For example, some of the best times to visit Disney World include the fall and winter months, when the weather is actually pretty perfect and parks tend to be less packed with tourists. You may even be able to snag seasonal specials or enjoy special entertainment when you visit theme parks during off-peak months, which will help you make the most of those travel dollars.

You can also cut costs when you travel to national parks during off-peak seasons. For instance, if you travel to the US, hotel prices in towns around the Grand Canyon can be 50 percent cheaper from October to January, so timing can be everything when you are trying to plan a fun family vacation without going over a tight budget.

Family vacations can definitely put a strain on your wallet. However, by thinking outside of the box as you plan your trip, you can ensure everyone has fun without worrying about paying for extra expenses during your travels. Just look for simple ways to save, such as booking all-inclusive options or traveling during off-peak times, and you can take all of the stress out of fitting your family vacation into a limited family budget.


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