Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Reading

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If you want to get your kids excited about reading, you need to adopt the right approach. Some kids grow to love books, while others barely touch them, even at school. However, the question is - which method works best? In this article, our team presents tips to help your kid discover all the fun that comes with reading.

Reasons to get your kids excited about reading?

First and foremost, you must ask yourself why you would invest time and effort into inspiring your kids to read. Is it to develop their cognition? Or have you heard that books boost kids' creativity? The truth is -  there isn't a single benefit of book reading. Once a child gets immersed in the world of books, the following happens:

  • A child's vocabulary expands over time.
  • The imagination boosts.
  • Reading books has become a favourite pastime activity.
  • Memory retention increases.
  • The child's brain gets nourished with quality content.
  • A child begins to develop a work ethic before school starts.

These are some of the most common benefits your kids will experience after incorporating books into their lives. To get to that point, you, as a parent, must guide them. During that process, remember all the good sides of book reading that will benefit your children in the long run.

Introduce your kids to books while they’re still toddlers

From their early days, kids become exploring the world through five senses and play. Their creativity starts developing in the process as well. Besides lego cubes and games, make sure there are illustrated children's books nearby. After your child gets bored with toys, use the opportunity to open the book and read a story. Point the child's fingers to a picture of a tiger, for example, and say what animal it is out loud. Make sure to pronounce all animals slowly. Also, don't rush. Give your youngster time to get used to what it sees before you turn to the next page. 

A teacher showing how to get your kids excited about reading.

Capt: Get your kids excited about reading by exposing them to illustrated children’s books from an early age.

Nowadays, you can choose a variety of personalized books that fit different age ranges. If you're unsure which book is the best for your kids' age, simply do a little online research. Find book companies that have been around for quite a while and made lots of customers happy. Ratings and previous testimonials are of great help.

Introduce your kids to audiobooks

Even though your kids love book reading, playing with kids and other activities are likely their top priority. If your kids are energetic and don't have enough focus for paper books, show them audiobooks. Help them find the kinds of audiobooks they would like. Once they start listening to them, their focus and attention will shift entirely to the content of a book. That way, the kids will develop a longer attention span and focus more on school tasks in the future. Plus, it's easier to switch from audiobooks to actual books.

Let the kids choose their favorite books

Suggest the kids go shopping for books together. Pay attention to the books they prefer. That's how you'll know what kind of books to gift for birthdays or holidays.

Expect your kids to change their book taste as the years go by. For instance, they will get more interested in pre-teen books once they turn 9 or 10. Therefore, make sure to learn more about popular titles suitable for a specific age range. Platforms like Goodreads might be of great help. You can browse the books by genre and age range and read reviews about them there.

Build a home library

The kids get primarily used to what they're exposed to. That being said, even a small home library might change how your children perceive books. So, have an entire shelf dedicated to various books. Make room for a separate kids' section. Having their corner in the library will get your kids excited about reading. On the other hand, you can include a mini library in your child's room and make a cozy reading corner with pillows and lazy bags.

A shelf with children’s books.

Capt: Make a comfy reading corner for your kids.

Reading will help your kids have fun during the move as well

Moving with kids can seem incredibly challenging. Not only do you plan to reach your new home safely, but also to keep kids entertained. If they've learned to love books, packing home library for the move is essential. Without the internet and various game choices, books come as a perfect pastime activity. This is why getting your kids into reading is quite beneficial. Whatever the occasion is - moving, renovation, travelling, etc. - you can never make a mistake with your kids' favourite books.

Choose a special bag or box you'll pack with essential items (chargers, snacks, basic toiletries, towels, etc.). Don't forget to ask your kids about the books they are currently reading and pack them as well. That way, you won't accidentally pack them with belongings meant to go straight to the moving van or storage.

Consistency is crucial

Keep in mind that your kid won't become a bookworm overnight. Reading is a habit and takes time to develop, especially for kids. So, do your best to remain patient. If the kids stop being interested in books for some time, that's completely fine. It's never too late to re-introduce them to reading. 

A boy and a girl reading books on a sunny day.

Capt: Give your kids time to adapt to books and discover their unique book tastes.

Teach your kids to donate the books they outgrow

Explain to your children that once they outgrow the books, it's better to donate them to a library or charity. Let them know that every book they get has value and is better in someone else's hands. Trowing the books into a trash can is never an option.

Don’t put pressure on kids

Putting pressure on your kids won't bring desirable outcomes. In reality, the kids will develop animosity towards reading and see books as rather dull. To get your kids excited about reading, you should give them enough space to develop their book interests. Also, avoid forcing them to read something just because it's a "classic". Books shouldn't be mandatory for them, at least outside of the classroom. So, do your best to make their adaptation to reading fun and creative.

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