Jesus the Provider

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Your child finds a picture of a small child about the same size as himself/herself while looking at pictures in a children’s bible. In the bible story, the child shares his lunch with Jesus. This image sparks a wonderful daydream that sends them to the mountainsides of Galilee where they encounter a large crowd of people who express their desperate need for food. Having learned a few things about manners, your child is happy to share his or her lunch with them…there are five loaves of barley bread and two fish…but how can this small amount of food feed so many. Jesus and the disciples teach all of them the wonderful powers of the Lord. Get your child interested in God with this nicely written Bible story.                                                                      

This book measures 9" x 6".

This is a quality hard-cover personalized book with a washable surface and fully illustrated pages in colour. (24 pages)