A Message From Canada Post

Handling letters and packages

Question: Are parcel deliveries delayed now, and if so, why?

Answer: Canadians should anticipate parcel delays for the foreseeable future, even as Canada Post delivers at record levels.

As Canadians continue to ramp up and diversify their online shopping, Canada Post is responding to unprecedented parcel volumes while maintaining important physical distancing measures in all our facilities. We are currently processing record parcel volumes in plants that were never designed to keep people 2 metres apart. This takes more time.

Canada Post is delivering in record numbers and also handling a wider variety of items, including bulky household items like patio furniture and barbecues. With parcel deliveries growing at a record pace from April to May, Canada Post hit an all-time, one-day record on Tuesday, May 19 with 2.1 million parcels delivered to Canadians. That’s roughly three times the norm for this time of year.

In response, we are processing and delivering on weekends and have additional support from trained temporary employees.