Graduation Book

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This book has been written for you:

Stacy Deborah McFarlane

on the occasion of your graduation from

Weston Collegiate High School

Congratulations on earning your

High School Diploma
May 25, 2016

Graduation. The word has a feel to it. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that a long journey has come to an end, that an important chapter of life has come to a successful conclusion and that a whole new adventure is about to begin.


It seems such a long time ago that you first began to attend Weston Collegiate High SchoolStacy, do you remember those first days when everything seemed so unfamiliar to you? You had entered a strange new world where everything was new, exciting, and often a little scary.


Certainly your experiences at Weston Collegiate High School were not all pleasant or easy. There were difficult courses, difficult assignments, and of course difficult exams. But nothing really important is accomplished without some share of difficulties. And these uncomfortable challenges each had their own distinct part to play in the development of your character, Stacy.


And now, from your perspective as a graduate, you look back at Weston Collegiate High School as a second home. Its hallways, its classrooms, its routines and traditions, its many sights and sounds; and the faces and voices of many special friends will remain with you for the rest of your life. Friends like Eleanor, Zach, and Deidra will always be remembered.


There are also those members of your family who believed in you, Stacy, and encouraged you all along the way: people like Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa Mac, Didi, and Jonah. Your graduation is, of course, a happy event for them. But there is more to their pride than simply the happiness that comes from seeing success in someone they love. Theirs is the special pride that comes from being a part of that accomplishment.


And there were teachers whose faces and voices you will recall for a lifetime: teachers such as Miss Dougherty, Mr. Foster, and Mrs. Boothe. What they have given you cannot be measured merely in terms of lesson plans and academic credits. They have broadened your horizons and contributed to your understanding and appreciation of life itself.


Many different things will be remembered about your graduation day - the weather, the sights and sounds, and the faces and voices of the formal gathering. But those who were there for your graduation will especially remember the proud Moment when the name “Stacy McFarlane” was announced. They watched with pride and delight as you came forward to receive your proper recognition.


May 25, 2016, is a day which will always hold a special place in the pages of your family's history, and in the minds and hearts of all those who care for you, Stacy, for that was the day that your accomplishment was recognized as complete. It was on that day that you earned your High School Diploma.


We wish you a successful future, Stacy!

With love from,

 Aunt Pam & Uncle Dan