Mothers Day book from adult



For my



This book was created

especially for


Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

With lots and lots of love from,


May 10th, 2015

Mom, I can't remember the exact moment I met you for the first time, but it must have been wonderful to see the smile on your face and the love in your eyes.

I especially love your hazel eyes, Mom. They look at me with kindness when you hug me, they become sad when I'm ill, and they are full of smiles when I tell you that I love you.

Mom, I love your kisses: the soft kiss that shows me how happy you are to see me, the warm kiss when we must part, and those extra-large kisses that console me when I'm upset.

I love your voice. I remember when I was young, you sang me sweet songs and told me exciting stories. I love how you held me ever so tight, Mom, and reassured me when I was frightened. It still reassures me just to hear your voice.

You also prepare so many good things to eat. No one can cook meat balls the way you do!

In short, Mom, I love everything about you.

I've never really told you that when I walk together along the streets in Toronto, Ontario, or when I go places, I are so happy that you are my Mom. You are the greatest!

And when you're with your friends or other family members, I watch as you chat and laugh with them, and I think you're the best Mom of all!

At times in my life, you had to scold me. But you Ire only trying to teach me right and wrong. I wouldn't change you for any other Mom in the world!

I'd like to give you a beautiful present, a very special one. I'd like to give you a little bit of the sun, to brighten up those days when you're sad.

Mom, if I could ride on a star, I'd climb up into the sky, to grab a piece of the moon to make you a dress of light. That way you'd become a princess. Even if, to tell the truth, you're already a princess to me!

I'd like to pick the sweetest smelling flower for you, so that when you hold it, its perfume will always make you think of me.

Mom, I'd like to give you a special charm to make you appear forever as I see you: loving and beautiful.

I'd like to give you a magic wand which you could wave and have me appear whenever you wish: that way you would never feel alone.

I'd like to give you an eraser to rub out the tiredness and worries that I sometimes see reflected on your face so that you could always be happy and smiling.

I'd like to buy you the best gift in the world, Mom, to let you know just how wonderful I think you are when you hug me, when you talk with me, and when you just sit and listen to my problems.

I'd like to give you your every wish!

But the sun and the moon are too far away, flowers wither quickly, magic wands only exist in fairy tales, and I'm afraid that our erasers are only good for rubbing out scribbles.

Even so, I know what can make you smile with happiness: a kiss and a very big "I love you, Mom!"

I will always cherish the lessons you've

taught me, the love you've given me

and just knowing that you are my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day with lots and lots of love,

From Nardiah

Mom, I hope that you like

this special book that tells

exactly how I feel about you.


May 10th, 2015