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My Baby Book ... Roughly 12" x 9"

The family is like a book.
The children are the pages, the parents are the cover
that protecting beauty gives.

At first, the pages of the book are blank and purely fair,
but time soon writeth memories and painteth pictures there.
Love is the little golden clasp that bindeth up the trust;
Oh, break it not, lest all the pages
should scatter and be lost!

This poem by an unknown author starts your story, leading to the arrival and homecoming. This personalized baby book not only tells the story of the child’s birth but allows you to personally record details throughout the coming year. There are places to attach photos of the child, the parents when the child was born, his or her first haircut and first birthday. You can write the names of visitors and gifts and there is even a place to mark their fingerprints and footprints. Printed like a diary that you complete, you can also record:

  • Important people in the entertainment
  • Price of foods
  • Current events
  • Family tree
  • How their name was chosen
  • Dates of early accomplishment such as first smiles, words, sitting up, crawling, etc.
  • There is even a place for you to record their growth, dental records and immunizations.

You’ll definitely want to add this beautiful keepsake to your baby’s collection!

This is a quality hard-cover book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. (18 pages)

My Baby Book ... 12" x 9"

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