My Fishing Adventure Child Version

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Book size is 6¾" x 8¼"

This fishy tale begins when your child or adult falls asleep thinking about the annual fishing contest. In the dream, your child and an older family member enter the contest and immediately start packing for the trip. Throughout the personalized adventure, your child learns fishing tips like finding the right fishing spot, getting the fishing rod ready, casting away from branches, and the importance of patience.

Your child snags the biggest fish ever recorded in your hometown, and almost loses the fishing pole. Luckily the fish pulls the boat towards the shore, where your child wins the trophy.

Other Versions Available:
My Fishing Adventure: Grownups - Humorous

The adult version pokes fun at the one who always catches the biggest fish. 


  • For ages 5-10
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized children's book
  • Washable hardcovers
  • Fully illustrated colour pages
  • 36 pages