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The perfect gift to Mom, Aunt, or Grandmother.

A Personalized Book for Mom

Make mom feel special with her own personalized book celebrating her super powers! This humorous, personalized book for mom can include her name or nickname (mom, mama, etc.), photo, skin tone, hair color (including bald or hijab), and the option to wear glasses if she’s a bespectacled super mom. If mom’s name or nickname is not provided, the story will default to “mom.”

Make Super Mom Feel Special

Honor a clever, creative, multi-tasking mom with a uniquely personalized gift she can enjoy all year! You can include the names of up to 6 people who love mom, and these names will show throughout the illustrations. Make this keepsake extra special by adding a dedication photo of mom and an additional photo at the end of the book. If mom prefers a gender-neutral pronoun to describe themself, you can select “they/them” as the pronouns for mom when ordering rather than “she/her.”

Moms are Superheroes

Everyone knows moms have super-vision for finding things and super-strength for carrying copious amounts of stuff. Moms are called on to be builders, bakers, doctors, and duct-tapers! Moms can do anything! She brightens our days and wraps us in love.

Sweetest Gift for Mom

Surprise mom with a fun and heartwarming gift she will treasure for years to come! It’s a perfect Mother’s Day book or birthday gift to show your love and appreciation. You can also celebrate all kinds of occasions and accomplishments: a new mom, an adoptive mom, a super mom fighting cancer or a cancer-free mom.

Special Features

  • Each book has a hard, glossy cover
  • Your child’s name is on the cover of every book
  • Some books even allow for a photograph of the child

Ordering Information

Gender And Ages: Book Size: Number Of Pages:

8.5 inches x 8.5 inches
20 durable board pages

Adding a photo is optional:
For best results...

  • Make sure the mom and child are facing the camera.
  • Use a close-up photo.
  • The higher the quality, the better the result!