6 Tips for Buying Holiday Gifts Without Going Broke

Buying holiday gifts without going broke.

Ho-ho-ho! It's the holiday season! It's time for Christmas turkey, family gatherings, and, of course, opening presents. But it's also the time of giving, and giving can sometimes, no matter how great it feels, take a serious toll on your wallet. You might be wondering – is buying holiday gifts without going broke even possible? We're here to show you that it is! 

1# Save a little each month

This tip will not be valuable this year if you haven't already done this. But we'll take this opportunity to give you the perfect solution for the next! Starting now, whenever you get change for some purchase in cash, at the local store, or somewhere else, make sure to keep it and put it all in one place. A fun way to do this is to buy or make a piggy bank to your liking and make a game out of saving money all year. You can even include all your family members in it! It will be a fun and educational experience. Not to mention that it will make your next Christmas a whole lot easier and stress-free. 

Suppose you already know the amount of money you'll need for the following year's presents. In that case, you can plan your budget. So set a specific ''goal'' – the amount of money each month you need to save to make the holiday season completely happy and carefree.

Coins and a piggy bank.
Putting little by little in your piggy bank can make you a hero of the next holiday season!

2# Invest in charity DIY crafts

One of the best ways to embrace that holiday spirit and not go broke is by visiting charity shops for DIY crafts. You can find the most miscellaneous things and make them part of your Christmas presents and decorations. The DIY decorations are never expensive but can look amazing. A lot of those are made by kids and people who are pretty shy to face the world but put a lot of love into making these decorations and presents. Your purchase of those things will make them feel accomplished and seen. And the charity will ensure that the money you spend goes to a good cause. Also, getting your kids involved will teach them a great lesson about love and morality. This way, you'll make many people happy, and you won't put a burden on your wallet.

Save the decorations for more days to come

Buying ornaments this way will make the holiday spirit even more prominent in your household, and you'll want to preserve them as memorabilia and decorations for the next year. As some of them can be fragile, you must be careful how to pack holiday ornaments for storage or wherever you plan to move and store them. To keep them from breaking, professionals advise separating two groups of decorations – more and less fragile ones. And the best part is that you'll save money by safely storing your ornaments. They will be less prone to breaking, and you will have more money to spend on buying holiday gifts! 

3# Follow the 3-gift rule

It's never easy making all of your toddlers' wishes come true. They make miles of lists of wishes for Santa to read. But, nowadays, Santa may have to do a little rearranging of the budget for gifts as well as some prioritizing. A good rule of thumb (or a 3-gift rule) is to separate your kid's wishes on the list into three categories: 

  • things they want (a shiny slime, for example)
  • things they need (boots for snow, maybe)
  • things that will help them develop (a good book or interactive game that will help them challenge their intellect) 

Then, make sure you'll buy holiday gifts from each category. If you follow this rule, you won't go broke, and you'll still slay at giving gifts to your kids.

4# Make the most out of the big discount days

A great thing about every holiday season is that it comes after the big discount days. If you want to be an absolute winner in this whole game, try buying all the presents you need when the discounts are on the rise. For example, Boxing Week, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. And if you missed those days, don't worry! With the year's end approaching, more stores and online shops offer discounts. Grab those big discounts by the tail and make the most of your gift-buying budget by waiting to buy until those specified sale weeks.

Gold confetti and presents.

Thinking in advance and taking advantage of discounts can make buying holiday gifts without going broke possible.

5# Make your presents in the oven

In contrast to the low cost of staples like sugar and butter, presents are somewhat pricey. Baking is a terrific method of providing inexpensive presents for large groups, such as friends, family, and classmates. Make and present homemade treats like brownies, cookies, peppermint bark, peanut butter brittle, biscotti, or the recipient's favourite sweet in a pretty container or bag purchased at the dollar shop. People are always happy with this. And the low price tag isn't even mentioned. They can't believe how much effort you put into crafting something for them. It's the thought, and the time you invested into this that makes them feel appreciated.

6# Release your inner artist

If you have a knack for creativity, homemade presents like scrapbooks, recipe books, and music playlists should be right up your alley for the holidays. If you know how to knit or sew, you could create a scarf or a drink koozie, for example. With a bit of help from the Internet, you can make a great sugar body scrub for Christmas. Anything is possible. Make use of your abilities. Almost always, doing something yourself will save you a ton of money and leave the recipient feeling immensely more appreciated.

A little octopus.

No money can top your time, love, and effort.

In conclusion – is buying holiday gifts without going broke possible?

Yes, buying holiday gifts without going broke is possible! Putting some additional thought and effort into giving can compensate for the lack of money in many ways. So, make sure to try out some of these tips and let us know how your holiday seasons are going from now on.


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