Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

A toddler playing with some great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers.

It's November, which can only mean one thing: the Christmas shopping season is soon upon us! You probably already know where to get the greatest Christmas presents for teens, but buying for toddlers and preschoolers is an entirely new ballgame. Toddlers reach several important developmental milestones and start to acquire strong preferences between the ages of one and three. Whew! No pressure! Are you feeling stumped by all the available toys? We've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for toddlers. With our guide, you'll be able to enjoy the festive spirit without feeling stressed about the gifts!

Making a list and checking it twice is no longer necessary to discover the best holiday presents. Hopefully, you've had a successful Halloween gift season, but now it's time to move on! Get ready to declare victory over the Christmas shopping season so you can return to your usual merry, festive self. If you're trying to do some family shopping, this guide will surely help you please the little ones! 

A nice plushy

Who doesn't love a warm, cuddly plushy? Kids of all ages can enjoy this kind of gift! And the good thing is that they come in various types and colours, so you will surely find the right pick for your toddler. If the toddler you're shopping for loves stuffed animals, another one will be the perfect addition to their growing collection! If you want to go a bit fancier, they come with embroidered details or are adorned with rhinestones, ribbons, collars, and other ornaments. Children will never forget their first cuddly toy. There are even collectible plushies that come together in a beautiful set! So you never run out of gift ideas for toddlers again – just get them the next toy in the series!

However, you might want to go a little bit higher quality with plushies for toddlers. You undoubtedly know how destructive they can be, so if you wish for the stuffed toy to last, you'll have to go for sturdy and pretty! Look at the reviews before purchasing to know they will last as your toddler does. Canada Personalized Gifts carries  A Wide Variety Of Sing-Your-Name Plushes for your toddlers.

Sing-your-name stuffed animals 

Palm-grasp crayons

As with music, toddlers like doing art for its own sake. This is especially true if they have older siblings who are also creative. However, most art supplies aren't for children or people with clumsy fingers. Traditional art supplies such as pencils, paint, and crayons have drawbacks. Luckily, we have overcome this problem by inventing palm-grasp crayons. Palm-grasp crayons are a terrific technique to engage young children in writing and drawing. 

Along with giving them something to do, these are ideal for young children to practice their fine motor abilities. They are extremely difficult to lose, drop, or get hurt by and will do much to promote creative output. And even though their masterpieces might appear like untidy scribbling to you, it is crucial for creating the groundwork for encouraging children to ultimately write letters and numbers. Toddlers need several opportunities to practice writing with various tools before they can learn to write their own names. So, some palm-grasp crayons are a great Christmas gift for a toddler!

Regular crayons can be hard to hold for a toddler and present a choking hazard.


This first slide is sure to excite your toddler. It is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for toddlers because they can practice their muscles in a fun, engaging way. You can even have winter fun in Toronto if your toddler likes snow! You can have fun in the city and the backyard with the slide! If your little one is afraid of heights, encouraging them to slide down a mound of cushions or leaves will help them overcome their concerns. Even better, kids may start using it from the tender age of 18 months and continue to do so as they mature.

Crawl tunnel

Crawl tunnels are a lot of fun for toddlers, and they laugh and giggle the whole time they use them, but they also aid in developing spatial awareness and a sense of object permanence. For toddlers, lean-in, lean-out peekaboo games are an excellent method to learn about the world around them. Older children and adults know that the person whose face leans into and out of the tunnel is always around. However, babies don't have this spatial awareness, so it's a great way to practice it. These crawl tunnels encourage parents to be there playing with their children, following their lead, and enabling them to discover what occurs. Fun for the whole family!

It’s important to encourage your toddler to improve their motor abilities.

Silicone meal set

If you're a parent, you'll know that some of the best Christmas gift ideas for toddlers are utilitarian. If you've seen someone feeding a one-year-old, you'll know that a silicone meal set is a perfect gift. These adorable silicone dinner sets can feature a plate, bowl, cup, and utensils. They are perfect for teaching toddlers to eat on their own. Most of them come with a suction cup at the plates' bases and bowls to avoid flying food. They also aid parents in cleaning up after their toddlers. 

Finger puppets

Let's be honest – nobody has ever seen a toddler who doesn't enjoy finger puppets. But that goes for adults as well! Finger puppets are interactive toys, so you can tell your kids a story or inspire them to create their own using these! This can get your kids excited about reading. Plus, they're soft and super cute!

Climbing triangle

Climbing triangles provide toddlers with an unstructured opportunity to exercise gross motor coordination while also fostering the development of vital skills like balance, proprioception, and spatial awareness. They are amazing because of their versatility. They are convenient to store, can usually be adjusted to different heights, and can be attached to other equipment like ladders and slides.

Final words

Toys are intended to be enjoyable, so shopping for them should be a joy. However, there are specifics to keep in mind while buying presents for toddlers. Due to their young age, they should not play with toys with small pieces that might present a choking danger. They are still developing abilities like gross motor control, fine motor coordination, and emotional regulation, so some of the more complex features of big-kid toys and activities could be too difficult for them to understand. We hope our guide has helped you find some Christmas gift ideas for toddlers that they will love. Good luck with Christmas shopping!


Are you looking for some Christmas gift ideas for toddlers? Well, look no further than this guide for all the info you need!

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