Best Halloween Gift Ideas for the Little Ones

kids playing with Halloween costumes

Halloween season is just around the corner. If you haven't yet started your Halloween preparations, we're here to inspire you for this year's Halloween party. Every kid is excited to see their Halloween candy haul, but let’s be honest; a lot of it is gone after the first few handfuls. So, how about giving some Halloween gifts this year? Here are some of our favourite Halloween gift ideas your little ones will adore. 

Top 7 Halloween Gift Ideas for Children 

Both adults and kids enjoy celebrating Halloween. Getting ready for Halloween reminds us of the fun we had as kids, surprising our neighbours with our costumes and going trick-or-treating. These are the moments we will cherish forever. And hopefully, our little ones will as well. If you want to make it even more memorable for them, here are some of the best Halloween gift ideas for our youngsters. 

1. A Halloween basket full of spooky goodies

A Halloween basket is a must. You can make one yourself or buy it from a store. Whatever the case, you need to make sure that you fill it to the brim with Halloween-themed goodies for children. Such as stickers, toys, decorations, and, of course, treats. Halloween baskets are all the rage at every other major store whenever the Halloween season comes around. We are sure you won't have any trouble picking them out.

two kids dressed up as ghosts holding Halloween basket

2. Halloween Books 

Children can learn about the history of Halloween and the tradition of dressing up with the help of their favourite characters. In preparation for the big night, it's a great idea to also grab a few books about Halloween or Halloween-themed. If your little ones like Peppa Pig, for example, then get them a copy of Peppa's Spooky Halloween. You can even get them personalized books if you want to make their Halloween even more special. Reading them an interesting book beforehand is especially if it's their first time going trick or treating. You can read it to them the night before Halloween and prepare them for what's coming. Or you can include one of these books in your kid's Halloween basket, and they'll be over the moon.

3. Happy Halloween Pop-Up Card

There are many Halloween pop-up cards you can get for your little ones. These pop-up Halloween cards usually feature some spooky-cute characters that will delight young children. You can also get one of their favourite cartoon characters in Halloween costumes. Maybe Paw Patrol? All the little ones love Paw Patrol, right? Or you can learn how to make one yourself. This present is perfect for adding some spooky flair to a bedroom, living room, or any other space. You can have your little ones gift some of these Halloween pop-up cards to their grandparents. We are sure they will appreciate it a lot. 

a girl making a Halloween pop-up card

4. Matching PJs for the whole family 

There's no better way to get a jump on your Halloween costume shopping than getting the kids involved! Check out the jammies section while shopping. You may want to add a few to your cart. On those chilly October evenings, your family will be cozy in their matching Halloween pyjamas. Pick out a design featuring spooky skeletons, bats, pumpkins, or anything else that fits the theme. Your kid will surely find something they like. Plus, a Halloween PJ can double as a costume as well. And you can use it after Halloween as well. If you want to keep costs down, just get a cute Halloween onesie for sleeping. We are sure your whole neighbourhood will find it adorable. 

5. A Halloween Hat 

Children enjoy dressing up in weird costumes on the day of a Halloween party. Especially if it's at their kindergarten or school. If you live in Ottawa or are visiting, maybe you're taking the whole family to some great events in the city that day and for some fun Halloween 

activities. So, to make the costumes even better, you can top off their Halloween getup with hats that will complement any costume, whether they are wearing a Dracula cape or carrying a witch's broom. We are sure that your little ones will be the life of the party. If your kids like arts and crafts, you can even make them together before Halloween. It will be such a fun little family date.

a boy and a girl in Halloween costumes are excited about Halloween gift ideas

6. Bracelet-Making Halloween Kit

The bracelet-making craft kit will keep your little ones busy for hours as they create the perfect Halloween accessory. Everything they need to create unique bracelets is included in the set, from stretch cords to beads to a convenient carrying case. What a great addition to a spooky get-together! You can get these at almost every toy store around the Halloween season.  If your kid is not particularly into accessories, you can get any other Halloween-themed gift sets. Kids always love getting exciting and interactive game sets. 

7. Halloween Advent Calendar 

Advent calendars are not just for Christmas. We all know how much kids love these.  To keep the countdown to Halloween interesting and exciting, you can use an advent calendar. This is one of the best Halloween gift ideas. You can even make one yourself that's customized for your kids. You only need one old carton box, scissors, and a little bit of creativity. Make a little pocket for each day. An advent calendar is ideal for storing Halloween trinkets like stickers and temporary tattoos, as well as sweets and other treats that aren't too big. Have your little ones open one pocket each day. We know they will be tempted to open up all of them at once, so this is a great way to teach them patience as well. 

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