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Book size is 6¾" x 8¼"

A heartfelt and beloved keepsake for parents adopting a child, this personalized memory book is a permanent record of the special events surrounding your baby's adoption and bringing him or her home for the first time. In the back of this book, there is a place for you to record those important dates to come, from the first smile to the first steps.

Our Baby’s Create-A-Book truly is a cherished gift that is kept forever, and that is why it has remained our best-selling title for 30+ years. Children who were given this book when they were born are now passing on the tradition to their own children.

Makes a great gift for newborns, baptisms, christenings, and first birthdays.

While Tamara and Victor were waiting for Olivia to come to live with them, they prepared a room especially for her.

Every day, Tamara and Victor think of how blessed they are that Olivia has become a part of their lives, and how full their lives will be in the years ahead.

Also available in the following versions:

- Standard (Mother and Father
- Single Parent
- Adopted Child
- Adopted Child with Single Parent
- Twins
- Christian
- Jewish
- Premature Birth
- Spanish (Standard Version)