7 Best Places in Ontario for Families With Kids

Toronto – one of the best places in Ontario for families with kids

Ontario is a gorgeous province of Canada, perhaps best known as the home of Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Canada's capital city - Ottawa. It has a breathtaking landscape, excellent schools, vibrant towns with shops, restaurants, bars, and a few pristine beaches. Ontario truly has it all and can be a wonderful place to live. Furthermore, Ontario has a high overall quality of life. Despite being the most populous province in Canada, Ontario has plenty of beautiful outdoor space. This beautiful province strikes an excellent mix between city living and rural countryside. So, if you plan on moving to this province, you'll make the best decision in your life. Now, the only dilemma is which city to move to. To help you with this decision, we curated a list of the seven best places in Ontario for families with kids.


Without question, Toronto will continue to be one of the greatest and most desirable cities in Ontario for anyone seeking peace of mind. This city's location is fantastic, and its multicultural scenery is outstanding.

The city of Toronto has a thriving economy that guarantees that every home lives in comfort. There are museums, art galleries, cultural activities, divine restaurants, breathtaking greenery, some of the best schools in Canada, and many opportunities for outdoor activities. Therefore, this bustling city is brimming with opportunities on every corner for both parents and children.

While the cost of living is quite expensive in Toronto, the economy and standards are so high that families can easily manage. So, if you like the busy city living with endless opportunities, the best education system, and beautiful landscapes, Toronto is definitely one of the best places in Ontario for families with kids.


Ottawa is Canada's capital and one of the greatest locations to live in Ontario. The structures and museums in Ottawa demonstrate that the province is rich in history. Additionally, this city offers several hidden jewels, such as Parliament Hill and Victorian architecture.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Ottawa is a great place to live for families with kids. Despite being one of the most crowded provinces in Canada, it also offers many tranquil neighborhoods. 

Furthermore, the lovely city of Ottawa has a variety of festivals all year round. With its excellent and pleasant weather, your chances of enjoying various outdoor activities every day are incredibly high.

Moreover, the city offers assured healthcare services, inexpensive living costs, booming job markets, a low crime rate, and a highly secure ambiance ideal for creating and growing a family. All in all, it's a big city with small-town charm and ambiance.


Waterloo is an excellent alternative if you have your heart set on Toronto but can't afford to live there. It's close to the city and has a more affordable cost of living. So, you can lead a more comfortable life and still be close to Toronto!

In addition, Waterloo is one of the best places in Ontario for families with kids because it offers endless job opportunities, some of the best schools in Canada, and, as we already said, inexpensive life with the high overall quality. Compared to Toronto, living in Waterloo implies having the same average wage or salary but spending way less, allowing you to save for retirement and go on incredible family vacations.

In addition, Waterloo houses numerous IT companies which give you great job opportunities and educational ones for your children. All in all, Waterloo is like a smaller and more affordable Toronto. So, if that's something you're looking for, you might have just found your forever home!

Thunder Bay

Many people value a specific location's lifestyle because it provides stability, career opportunities, and a low cost of living. If this describes you and you want to live somewhere with an outdoor lifestyle, Thunder Bay is the perfect place for you and your family. 

It is the largest city in the northwestern area of Ontario, adjacent to Lake Superior. Because Thunder Bay is located beside a freshwater lake, you and your family will have lots of opportunities to engage in outdoor activities together. Hiking, fishing, and hunting are possible activities to enjoy in the area.

However, it's not just the numerous activities and breathtaking scenery that make this the ideal location to live in. The affordable housing also makes it one of the best places in Ontario for families with kids. This allows you to have a big family home with a large backyard, home office, and other fantastic features.


If you're looking for charm and serenity, Oakville is one of the few communities in southern Ontario that can provide it. Oakville is a suburb of Toronto with a range of recreational sites and outdoor areas for children.

This charming community is situated on the picturesque Lake Ontario Waterfront, which provides its residents with a picturesque view. The town is also well-known and recognized for its sporting culture. Some of the most popular sports that have taken over the town include hockey, canoeing, skating, lacrosse, and soccer.

Oakville offers various restaurants, the cost of living is more than affordable, the crime rate is low, and it's close to the best schools in the country. What more can a family wish for?


This is another excellent place in Ontario for families with kids. Cobourg is a little town surrounded by a gorgeous setting full of greenery and fresh smells. 

The population of this tranquil town is around 20,000. However, the number increases during the summer because Cobourg is the best place in Ontario to purchase a cottage. In other words, this small town is one of Canada's most popular touristic spots. Therefore, summers here are pretty lively, and you can enjoy a perfectly tranquil life with your family during the off-season.

The cost of living here is relatively low, the crime rate is low, unemployment has been well addressed, and the weather is ideal for raising a happy family!


Stratford is well-known for its fantastic yearly festivals and is home to worldwide Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber.

Each year, a separate region of Stratford stages a variety of magnificent Shakespeare plays as part of their annual Stratford Festival. It's fun for the whole family! 

In essence, Stratford has an estimated population of around 32,700 people, the weather is pleasant, the unemployment rate is 5.6 percent, and the crime rate has been significantly reduced. All this and more make the town one of the best places in Ontario for families with kids.

Moving to Ontario

Once you choose your forever city in Ontario, you'll have to organize your cross-Canada relocation with kids. To be completely honest, this process won't be easy, so prepare for the long ride and many bumps on the road. To avoid any bigger problems, talk to your kids about this process and get them excited about the new life.

Don't forget to prepare them for the trip as well. We suggest getting a book or something that will keep your kids entertained on the road. In addition, hire a trustworthy moving company to help you get to your new home trouble-free.


As you can see, Ontario offers many beautiful places full of opportunities. You can choose between the big-city hustle and the small-town charm. You won't miss two things in any of these places: numerous job opportunities and an excellent education system. These seven best places in Ontario for families with kids are every family's dream. Therefore, the choice is yours! One thing is sure - you won't be disappointed no matter what choice you make.

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